Blacks in Experimental Film (Part 2)

LoisTowlesFriday, February 28th, 7:00pm
Blacks in Experimental Film (Part 2)
(Lost & Forgotten Images of Blacks on Film)
Curated by 8mm Anonymous

An evening of short films featuring Reg. 8mm & Super8 (Sound) only. Will feature Lois Towles, acclaimed concert pianist and sister of pioneering model Dorothea Towles. A graduate of Wiley College (of “The Great Debaters” fame), Towles sang with Fisk University’s choir and later became a member of the school’s music faculty. The evening will also be dedicated to the memory of Richard Caesar, Tuskeegee Airman/dentist & husband of Lois Towles, who died over 2 years ago. Will also include an art show (“Centennial of Lois Towles”) commemorating what would have been her 100th birthday. Films shown will most likely include the following:

Jack Johnson v. Frank Noran (Reg. 8mm, silent, b&w, c. 12 mins., 1914, re-shot/transferred from 35mm (originally) onto 8mm)

Live Rome Movie footage of Minstrel Show of The 1939-1940 San Francisco/Treasure Island World’s Fair (Reg. 8mm, silent, b&w/sepia. 1939-1940.c. 12 mins.)

The Harlem Globetrotters (Castle Films, Reg. 8mm, silent, b&w, c. 12 mins., 1950’s)

Black & Tan Fantasy w/ Duke Ellington (Super8Sound, b&w, c. 3 mins., 1928.)

Black Home Movie/Travel Footage of Europe (Italy) from the 50’s (Anonymous Reg. 8mm, silent color, c. 12 mins., 1950’s.)

An Excerpt from ‘Aunt Lois’ w/ Dorothea Towles, her sister (Super8Sound, color, c. 3 mins., 1997.)

Black Home Movie footage from The 50’s (Anonymous, Reg. 8mm, silent, color, c. 12 mins., 1950’s.)

Black Super 8 Sound Home Movie Footage of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple (Super8Sound, color, c. 3 mins., 1970’s.)

Footage Shot Out The Window of a Plane Heading from San Francisco to New York Set to Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ (Sequel to ‘Footage Shot of The Window of a Plane Heading from New York to San Francisco. ) (Super8Sound, color, 3 mins., 1994.)

Tuskeegee Airman Home Movie Footage of Russia (Anonymous, Reg. 8mm, color, c. 20 mins., 1959.)

Blacks in Experimental Film will be accompanied by Ken Silverman on guitar.

Following the screening there will be panel discussion with Steve Cannon and Norma Jean Darden moderated by Mr. 8mm Anonymous.

“… An evening of short films, featuring reportedly incendiary images of African Americans.” – Time Out New York.

“I hate to be a representative of a race, tacked on for that reason alone. If I can do something beyond that, then it’s all right.” &, “I could never have done what I was able to do without the help of others. I can’t return that help to the people who helped me, but perhaps I can return it to the others who are in need.” – Lois Towles

“You can’t ask me to explain my lyrics. I simply won’t do it.”- Lou Reed.